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Dedusting System Technologies

The Iron and Steel Industry is a large emissions source and energy consumer industry. It has an important environmental relevance in terms of releases and impacts to the various environmental media, including dust, particulates, heavy metals, carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO2, sulfur oxides, chlorides and fluorides, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants such as dioxins, furans, and greenhouse gases. Air pollution remains the most important issue of this sector, which has special requirements for appropriate technologies.
Environmental standards are improving on a global scale and that oblige, on one hand, the Steel makers in any Country to adopt immediately the BAT - Best Available Technologies for their plants, in order to continue the production without troubles and limitations. On the other hand environmental protection is a major obligation in respect for the next generations to avoid the global warming and to reduce phenomena such as the greenhouse effect.
Rising energy costs are also pushing all the Steel makers to reduce the energy consumptions and to recover the energy losses and waste heat in the processes, which are reflected directly in lower profit earnings. Energy efficiency is the best approach to control the operating costs, and this is as true in new plants as well as in existing ones.
For all these reasons, it pays to invest in modern and efficient environmental protection technologies.
AS METALS TECHNOLOGIES gives you the opportunity to achieve minimum emissions rate and maximum energy efficiency