AS Metals Technologies SA
Our main activities portfolio includes:
  • Feasibility studies and advisory services
  • Engineering of projects
  • Supply of single machinery and equipment
  • Supply of complete green field plants
  • Revamping, modernization and improvement of existing installations
  • Training and instruction of Client’s personnel
  • Site technical services and measurements
  • After sale services
  • Supply of spare parts

AS Metals Technologies SA is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Technologies and Equipment for the Iron & Steel Industry and other Metals Industries.

The Company is based in the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, country where the environment preservation and the energy saving culture are absolute values and daily practice.

We operates on the worldwide markets directly or through our consolidated network of associates, partners, agents and licencees.

Our main target is to design and supply reliable technologies and solutions for the environmental control with special attention to energy savings. Our extensive range of Technologies enable us to provide environmental solutions to several different processes.

Our Team of people is composed by experienced engineers, skilled technicians, and qualified process specialists.

Permanent involvement of external Research Institutions and Departments is also widely utilized for the improvement of our machines or for development of new technologies and innovative projects.

Quality and precision form the basis of our Company’s Culture. Constant attention and respect represent the basis of long terms relationship and satisfaction of our Clients.

Project management and effective Quality Assurance are, as well, high priority within our Company.