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Energy Saving and Recovery Technologies | ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle Technology

The ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle Technology, implemented with the Steam Generation, is used to produce green Electrical Energy. Steam produced, recovering the waste heat of exhaust fumes, is sent to a special Evaporator to reheat and vaporize an Organic Working Fluid. Organic Fluid is further expanded in one or more Turbomachines connected with Electrical Generator, to produce Electrical Energy. After expansion, the Organic Fluid, after Regenerator and Condenser, is condensed and pumped again for a new working cycle.

Valorization of waste heat contributes to reduce the overall energy bill as well as to reduce the overall emissions rates of Melting shop. Efficiency and reliability of Equipment, associated with today’s rising costs of Electrical Energy, make this Technology today extremely competitive with attractive pay-back periods.