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Energy Saving and Recovery Technologies | SG - Steam Generation Technology

With SG - Steam Generation Technology, the waste heat of fumes, is passed through special and efficient Steam Generator, where large amount of fume enthalpy is recovered to produce steam. Steam Generator is designed and manufactured with proved technologies and special features to withstand and operate with high dust concentrations in the exhausted fumes. Proper Steam Drum system, with function of steam buffer, is used to stabilize the pressure and flow conditions of steam during discontinuous operations of melting process.

Steam Generation Technology can be installed on green field projects as well as in revamping projects of existing dedusting systems. At any time Steam Generator can be by-passed without any interference with the regular operation of Melting shop. Steam produced can be used for many purposes such as VD Vacuum Degasing process, building’s heating during winter time or air conditioning during summer time (cogeneration), production of green electrical energy, etc..