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Water Treatment Technologies | CCCW - Closed Circuit Cooling Water Technology

The conventional Water treatment plants for cooling the process water make use of conventional Evaporative Cooling Towers and are designed in open circuit. Despite this technology is widely used, has the major disadvantage of large amount of water evaporation.

CCCW - Closed Circuit Cooling Water Technology is based on design of Water treatment in closed circuit . Closed Circuit can be realized using Air Coolers as substitute for traditional Evaporative Cooling Towers. Significant savings of make up water with relevant chemicals additives and reduction of blow down water are important advantages of this Technology.

Insulating the process water in a closed circuit system, completely prevents airborne contaminants from entering and fouling the system. To get similar efficiency, in a conventional open circuit, would required regular and expensive maintenance.

Closed Circuit Cooling Water Technology provide the following major advantages, compared to a conventional Open Circuit Cooling Water system:

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