AS Metals Technologies SA
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    Your partner for steel technologies

    AS Metals Technologies SA is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Technologies for the Iron & Steel Industry and other Metal Industries... more
  2. Dedusting System Technologies

    The Iron and Steel Industry is a large emissions source and energy consumer industry. It has an important environmental relevance in terms of releases and impacts to the various environmental media... more
  3. Water Treatment Technologies

    The Iron and Steel Industry is a large consumer industry of water mainly for process and for cooling of machinery... more
  4. Energy Saving and Recovery Technologies

    Energy is a scarce resource in today Industrialized World. Rising Energy costs are pushing all the Steel makers to reduce the energy consumptions and to recover the energy losses and waste heat in the production processes... more
  5. Auxiliary Equipment Technologies

    AS Metals Technologies may offer a complete range of Auxiliary Equipment especially designed and manufactured to improve the overall efficiency... more
  6. Spare Parts and Consumable Parts

    AS Metals Technologies SA provides its Customers with the supply of Spare Parts for Steel Equipment with competitive prices and short delivery time... more
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